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Rock Star has the ability to match any style & color the clients wants with there hand carved rock. 

At Rock Star Pools and Waterfalls we take pride in what we build. Every project is uniquely crafted and constructed within our own company.  We do not subcontract to outside companies, ensuring that our clients receive a one of a kind rock structure every time. Your swimming pool waterfall is finished in a timely manner and monitored by us from every level of design, structural rebar, sculpting, painting, to the finished product. 

We create what you envision not what nature dictates with the terrain. Waterfalls are serene and peaceful, refreshing and rejuvenating as the water flows. There is nothing quite as relaxing and de-stressing as the sound of moving water and multiple waterfalls create greater ambience. The sound also provides a barrier against the many city and neighborhood noises.

Construction of our Water Features

Our waterfalls begin with a structure of rebar and concrete, which stands the test of time. Never would we glue or construct your design in a few short hours because Rock Star Pools and Waterfalls does not use one piece fiberglass, styrofoam or preformed and pieced waterfall kits. Knowing that water feature is the most important aspect of a pool, we make the effort to ensure it is built both structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing.  

Over two decades of experience has enabled us to learn techniques needed in producing realistic rock, whether through hand carved applications or Gunite Reinforced Fiberglass Concrete (GRFC) panels. Using GRFC gives you the ability to create the most realistic rock sculptures.  Rock Star Pools and Waterfalls makes our GRFC molds using cliffs, rocks and stones from nature. This results in a texture that makes our waterfalls look and feel like rock is supposed to.  

We have the most flexibility in the industry in constructing your waterfall. Our team has been crafting water features of all sizes and styles since the mid 1980's. We bring a one of a kind Rock Star point of view. Rock Star Pools and Waterfalls will create an atmosphere of a resort style ambiance in your back yard.


Adding a cave to a swimming pool is the final piece to making your resort style pool. The ideas are endless for the things you can do to a swimming pool. Caves have varying shapes and looks and there are a lot of uses for them on your swimming pool. Whether having it where you can sit in a secluded area and be cozy and shaded inside of the cave, as in a wet deck or spa, or swimming right into the cave from the swimming pool it is a useful and interesting addition to your water feature. The ultimate is attaching it to the spa giving complete seclusion and making for an intimate cave atmosphere. When building a cave the options are endless with multiple planters, waterfalls, and varying heights. It lets you have a truly creative large water feature. 


Slides produce endless hours of fun. You can have your own water park with an addition of a slide to your waterfall. Instead of a fiberglass slide that looks like a piece of playground equipment sitting next to your waterfall, a Rock Star slide is seamlessly integrated into your water feature. Building the slide out of the same material as the waterfall gives you the flexibility to design it any size or shape.  A slide can easily be added to any existing pool with minimal space required. 

 Adding a waterfall over the slide adds a whole new dimension to your water slide.  For a more dramatic look we can turn the whole slide into a tunnel.  

Easy to use:
Using your pool water as your water flow there is no more need to turn on or off water hoses or to worry about filtration. It is a simple on–off with our installation. 


Molding from rock gives you a look as if it was created by GOD. Glass Fiber Renforced Concrete is light weight panels 3/4 inch thinck making able to be ablyed to anything.


Rock Star is very knowledgeable in creating natural water features using stone varying in size from flagging to large boulders weighing up to 12,000 pounds. In many of our projects we’ve combined the best of both worlds using faux and natural together, having the natural look and getting the flexibility of our faux with our structures, building caves, slides, etc. Our largest project to date has been using 800 tons of natural stone for the swimming pool and front entry feature of a home. With natural stone not being native to South Florida, Rock Star Waterfalls is efficient in locating and building with natural stone from all over the country. We have many years of research and development and making sure that the construction of our water features are both aesthetically pleasing and ensure that they do not leak.